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Morning fire to boil water-all water must be boiled, treated or filtered before drinking.Giant spider that lived in out eating area.One of three wasps nests in our eating area.My handsome husband <3Cattle dip!  Cows being herded towards the water.Taking the leap!  Some had to be pushed in while others jumpedSwimming to the other sideThe walk after the dipTo fill the cattle dip water from the well must be pumped then transported!An "ant hill" which are termites and are all over the place!Jessica takes care of the guest cottages at the ranch.  She takes care of her two sisters as well.Widow and her son.Village boyBeans dryingPosho steaming under banana leaves, drinking water boilingThe little one cried when he saw us-many kids who've never seen a mzungu think we are ghosts.Village woman with her kids.The kitchen hut.