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Enough to clothe a village!  I don't need all this!Chris finally gets to play his guitar with his new pedal.My girl, Rogue.  Spoiled dog is always on the couch!Janis patrolling the perimeter.Morning coffee with Seeeeeestor!Brother JohnBrother Jesse giving me the thumbs up (not the "Get out" haha)Flower in Jesse's gardenMom and Dad came to see Chris play at Joe's SteakhouseChris Flores singing Mustang SallyRichard Stark getting down!Rick Calhoun, "Man, that looks like a tasty burger..."Steve's first gig with Acoustic Highway!Momma taking a picture of me taking picturesDeath StareSilly barista exhibit ASilly barista exhibit BOld Administration Building, where my Art History class isArt Historian and my teacher, Susan Sosa